Saturday, May 9, 2009

Salad Bento (#2)

So I sorta cheated today. I slept through my alarm, got up in time to get dressed and dash to work, and the thought of making food for myself didn't even occur to me. In short, I decided to put dinner in my box and have it count for today.

Art Guy did the arranging of the box for me...he insisted that he help with dinner prep. I found six immaculate heads of Romaine lettuce at Sam's the other day for ~$5.00. My eyes nearly popped out when I discovered it. Art Guy found frozen heat-and-eat buffalo-style chicken strips at wally-world that he insisted we try. They were a bit too spicy for my tastes, but he like them okay. Broccoli, cucumber triangles (another of his ideas), cheese, peas and a little leftover onigiri completes the box.

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