Friday, May 8, 2009

Bento #1

I finally did it. I created a blog about food (aka succumbed to the trend of creating a bento blog). I hope to make this a place to compile and share my creations and cool ideas that I find along the way. I'm terrible with cameras, but I have vowed to make an attempt at including pictures with my posts (however awful they may be), and do what I can to become a better photographer. (LOL...I can dream, can't I?)

So today we have bento #1, the first official bento for this blog. I will admit that the creation of this bento was a bit of an ordeal, being that it was going to be photographed and displayed to the entire online community.In all seriousness, I did lose a bit of sleep trying to plan it out in my head. (I'll get over it eventually >.>) Today's creation is a "Sushi Bento." It consists of veggie sushi, chicken stuffed bun, and a onigiri with carrot & sesame furikake. I had been wanting to make sushi for about a year or so, but was unable to track down the necessary ingredients until recently. We need more culture in the Pandhandle of Texas! I will probally be sticking to vegetables in the sushi for now until a.) I get better at making it, or b.) I move somewhere that has better access to fresh fish. Putting sushi in a bento probably won't be a norm unless due to the prep time required for it. I got up extra early today though so Art Guy would have special bento for lunch. I made the chicken buns the day before completely from scratch, dough and all. I'm gonna look into adapting the recipe for bread machine use, cause I can't see myself having enough time to babysit bread dough all day long on regular basis. I wanted to decorate it a bit, and being the girl that I am, I want to make everything cute and pretty. But this is Art Guy's bento, and not mine. So I thought I could still make veggie flowers as long as they weren't too girly. Here's my attempt at more "manly" flowers:

Not to bad, eh?

Sadly, I don't own a "real" bento box yet. I use a Lock&Lock plastic box, which is nice because it seals well and the lid easily clips on and off. Apparently there is a Lock&Lock box with removable dividers, but our wal-mart doesn't seem to carry those. More info on Lock&Lock here:

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