Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bento with Grapes (#3)

It was another somewhat early morning for bento making. This one is for Art Guy again, who has been without lunch at work.

This bento features a couple Buffalo Chicken lettuce wraps, avocado & carrot hosomaki (with some orange bell pepper and romaine rolled in a few), apple cartwheels, and... Grapes! I'm trying to incorporate different things into my lunches, and the grapes turned out to be a wonderful thing. The filled up space nicely, added some color, and are really tasty. The other workers were apparently somewhat impressed with Art Guy's last bento, so I made a smaller box with some hosomaki to share. The chicken didn't want to stay wrapped up in the lettuce, and the toothpicks didn't seem to help much. I figured it wouldn't take much to re-wrap and eat the chicken in the event that it unwraps itself.

I am getting better at rolling my sushi. It is often a bit loose and by no means perfect, but the improvement is rather apparent to me. Interesting tidbit: I read in my sushi book that avocado is popular because its oil content and smooth texture mimics that of maguro. The avocado today threatened to brown even though I used lemon juice as preventative measure. It still tasted okay though. One of these days I'll have some wasabi and ginger to go with the sushi, I might find some better nori, I'll try rolling it inside-out, or use fillings other than veggies...I'll get there eventually!

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